WoW Classic Hardcore

Are You Ready for the Ultimate Leveling Adventure?

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WoW Hardcore Mode Rules

1. Death penalty

You only have 1 life, if you DIE you must delete character or leave it as a perma ghost if you die.

2. Professions & Talents

Professions/Talents are allowed, self crafted items and self obtained upgrades are allowed.

3. Economy

No Auction House, Mail or Bank Alts.

4. Trading

No Trading with Other Characters.

5. Grouping

No Grouping Out in the Open World.

6. Dungeons

Full Hardcore Dungeon Groups are Authorized but only 1 Run of Each Dungeon Per Character.

Dungeon Groups Should Group at Meeting Stone and the only levels allowed need to meet the Meeting Stone’s Range (17-26 for Deadmines).

Dungeon Quests Are Authorized.

7. Resurrection Talents

Warlocks can’t rez via SS, Shamans can’t rez via Ankh, Paladins can’t Bubble Hearth.

8. Maximum Level

At 60, you earn your freedom and become a full fledged character with insane bragging rights!

9. Record your journey

You must record the journey locally or stream it. This is important because in order to be recognized as a legit run it must be verified.
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